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Lectures In Brief
Nine lectures will be given in Canford Village Hall at 2:15pm usually on the third Friday of each month. (map)

Events In Brief

The Arts Society Poole meets monthly for interesting and often amusing talks on a wide variety of arts subjects. The talks are given by lecturers with the finest credentials in their specialist fields.  More...

Chairman Linda Cartwright, Chair

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Friday 18th February 2022
Picasso's Portraits

Squiggles, doodles. sketches, caricatures, drawings and ravishing portraits. This lecture will consider the life of Picasso through the lens of his friendships and loves, charting his varied and extensive career through a variety of media. Often comic, particularly with male friends, he captures the essence of the sitter without flattery or idealisation.
Jacqueline Cockburn

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IMPORTANT - changes in venue:
Canford Cliffs village Hall remains unavailable for lectures so please always check latest emails to confirm the venue before setting out for a lecture. It is also possible that the start time may change. Lectures will also be available by Zoom.

Russell-Cotes museum and gallery, Bournemouth

The society's lecture earlier this year on the Highlights of the Russell-Cotes museum, and gallery given by James Taylor, a local historian, reminded us of the treasures of this wonderful house in our local area. The latest exhibition from October 2021 to March 2022 is "A Century of British Art - Bournemouth Arts Club 1920-2020"

Alongside work by well-known BAC members are works by internationally acclaimed artists including Henry Moore, John Nash, Ben Nicholson, Prunella Clough and William Crozier who inspired them.

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Linda Cartwright
November 2021

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