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Lectures In Brief
Six lectures will be given in 2021 on the third Friday of each month from January to June, pandemic permitting. (map)

Events In Brief

The Society hopes to meet monthly in 2021 for interesting and often amusing talks on a wide variety of arts subjects. The talks are given by lecturers with the finest credentials in their specialist fields.  More...

Chairman Frances Lonsdale, Chairman

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Unfortunately, because of seating restrictions in the lecture hall, we are unable to admit guests this year.

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Friday 19th February

Private Palace of Art: Frederick Leighton's Studio House.

Frederick Leighton's Studio House (now Leighton House Museum) is one of the most remarkable buildings of the 19th Century. This lecture explores Leighton's motivation in lavishing such attention on the construction of his home and how it came to embody the idea of how a great artist should live.
Daniel Robbins
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Changes at the Arts Society Poole

As most of you will know by now, after ten years on the Committee I am leaving the Arts Society Poole in the New Year as we are moving up to Surrey to be nearer our family. Thank you to everyone who has sent me their good wishes - it is heartwarming to receive so many lovely messages.

At the end of January I will be handing the Chairmanship to our current Secretary, Linda Cartwright. Linda will take over as Acting Chairman until an AGM can be held in the spring, when she can be voted in as Chairman. I will be very sorry to leave, but I know that I will be leaving the Society in good hands.

Linda has done a sterling job as Secretary, but when she becomes Acting Chairman we will have to find others to take on her various roles, so we are urgently in need of new Committee Members. Firstly we need someone for the regular secretarial work, such as sending out the Agenda for Committee meetings and taking the Minutes. However, Linda also currently sets up the Zoom for online meetings, so if anyone is able to do that it would be a big help as the new Chairman will be involved with other duties. And, along with another of our helpers, Alan French, Linda sets up the computer/projector when we have lectures in the hall. Finally, we would also like someone to

take over the Mailchimp newsletters from me - a job I have really enjoyed and for which training will be given. If any of you feel able to do even one of these things, please let us know. We are a very friendly team, and we would love to hear from you.

Being on the Committee of the Arts Society Poole is very enjoyable and I still believe that after 10 years! Not only will you be giving something to your Society, but you will gain a lot yourself from doing so. I can't tell you how much I have learned since I joined - how to use Mailchimp to write newsletters being just one example! Please, please think seriously about what you could do and get in touch. A Society such as ours can only function with enough willing volunteers, and I am sure there are many of you out there with something to offer.

I send you all my best wishes for Christmas and hopefully a better 2021.

Frances Lonsdale, Chairman
20 Dec 2020

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