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Lectures In Brief
Six lectures will be given via Zoom in 2021 on the third Friday of each month from January to June, pandemic permitting.

Events In Brief

The Society hopes to meet monthly in 2021 for interesting and often amusing talks on a wide variety of arts subjects. The talks are given by lecturers with the finest credentials in their specialist fields.  More...

Chairman Linda Cartwright, Chair

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Friday 21st May
Great Railway Stations - Evoking the Spirit of Romance and Adventure.

Our lecturer will take us on a journey around some of the most evocative and splendid stations in the world, not only looking at the architecture and engineering, but also at the numerous art works within the stations; also examining many depictions of stations in art, from Claude Monet to William Powell Frith.
Ian Swankie
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Virtual visits

As the weather turns to spring, our thoughts turn to outings and visits to interesting places. We are not able to offer visits at present but some of you may have experienced virtual visits and tours on Zoom. Although not a substitute for the real thing, they nonetheless can give a "feel" of walking round a new location. If you are missing favourite old haunts or are keen to discover new ones there is a wealth of choice. e.g. London Walks, Footprints of London.

Virtual "walk" round Kyoto, Japan

Members may be interested in a virtual "walk" around Kyoto in Japan at 9.00am (5pm in Japanese time!) on Tuesday, 30th March offered by Richmond Arts Society. (The virtual walk will also be available for 7 days after the event.) Kyoto is the cultural capital of Japan. It is home to over two thousand temples and shrines, 17 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and also palaces, incredible gardens and the iconic Geisha. The walk includes the traditional Gion and Higashiyama districts with their tea houses, traditional Machiya townhouses, shrines and gardens, and possibly, Japan's glorious cherry blossom in bloom. Further details available to members on request.

Email addresses

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Linda Cartwright
Acting Chair, Poole Arts Society
11 March 2021
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