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Meetings are held in Canford Cliffs Village Hall, at the junction of Ravine and Moorfields Roads, Poole at 2.15pm. (Map)

The April 2022 meeting includes the AGM and starts at 2.00pm.

We regret we are unable to admit guests this year because of seating restrictions in the lecture hall,.
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Friday 18th March 2022
'With a Little Help from their Friends' The Beatles and their Art Work
This is a journey through the 60's in music and images, following the Beatles from the Hamburg Reeperbahn in 1960 to Abbey Road in 1969. The band was always fascinated by the visual arts, knowing that artists and designers could help promote their image and music.
Barry Venning

Friday 22nd April
AGM 2.00
James Gilray: A Caterpillar on the Green Leaf of Reputation.

The lecturer describes James Gilray as the greatest political cartoonist who ever lived. Highly sophisticated and inventive, his powerful images make people laugh out loud and they retain a freshness and vivacity which present day satirist still revere.
Linda Smith

Friday 20th May 2022
The Golden Section - Divine Proportion in Art and Architecture.

For thousands of years the mystery of the Golden Section has inspired thinkers from all disciplines - artists, architects, mathematicians and musicians. We discover the secrets of its sacred geometry and beauty within creations, from the classical to contemporary.
Alexandra Epps

Friday 17th June 2022
The Story of Russian Art.

As well as exploring the distinctive features of Russian Art, which affected its development in the 18th & 19th centuries,this lecture covers the most important achievements of the nation's greatest painters, including Chagall, Kandinsky and Malevich.
Rosamund Bartlett

Friday 15th October
A Tour of Big Ben

Big Ben is one of the most iconic buildings in the world, It identifies the U.K. and democracy. A virtual tour of the interior will highlight the historical background and friction between the controversial personalities in building the tower.
Tim Redmond

Friday 19th November
Augustus John - Drawn from Life

The extraordinary art and life of Augustus John once described as one of the most talented artists of his generation, is explained in this lecture. We explore his position as one of the most exciting and outrageous young British artists and his downfall.
David Haycock

Friday 10th December
Christmas and Other Festivities in Modern Mexico

Mexico has a vast range of vibrant and colourful festivals, the majority are religious in inspiration. Our lecturer will describe the lavish and extremely costly festivals preceded by extensive preparations.
Chloe Sayer


Friday 21st January
The Genius of Antonio Stradivari

This lecture explores the central mystery of the most highly prized instruments in the world, following some of Stradivari's violins from the workshop to the present day. This will be accompanied by some short musical recordings.
Toby Faber

Friday 18th February 2022
Picasso's Portraits

Squiggles, doodles. sketches, caricatures, drawings and ravishing portraits. This lecture will consider the life of Picasso through the lens of his friendships and loves, charting his varied and extensive career through a variety of media. Often comic, particularly with male friends, he captures the essence of the sitter without flattery or idealisation.
Jacqueline Cockburn